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Decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry make us your ideal partner. We combine experience from the areas of pharmaceutical production, quality and compliance as well as engineering in one company. Thus, we provide you with the concepts and strategies that fit your needs, taking into account costs, deadlines and quality.

PPT Alexander Norow

Mr. Alexander Norow
is your contact for region Berlin

E-Mail: Alexander.Norow@pp-technology.de

Uhlandstr. 32,
10719 Berlin

ppt Head of Quality & Compliance

Mr. Christian Gavranovic
is your contact for region Middle Germany

E-Mail: Christian.Gavranovic@pp-technology.de

Augustusplatz 1-4,
04109 Leipzig

ppt Marcel Schulze

Mr. Marcel Schulze
is your contact for region Rhein-Main-Lahn

E-Mail: Marcel.Schulze@pp-technology.de

Neue Mainzer Str. 66-68,
60311 Frankfurt am Main

PPT Katharina Meinhardt

Ms. Katharina Meinhardt
is your contact for the region Munich

E-Mail: Katharina.Meinhardt@pp-technology.de

Mindspace, Rosental 7,
80331 Munich

ppt Head of Digital Solutions

Mr. Bertram Srugies
is your contact for region Crailsheim / Lake Constance.

E-Mail: Bertram.Srugies@pp-technology.de


ppt CEO and Aseptic Expert Gerald Mathe

Mr. Gerald Mathe
is your contact for Switzerland.

E-Mail: Gerald.Mathe@pp-technology.de

Stücki-Park, Hochbergerstrasse 70,
CH-4057 Basel